monsters at home (h/l)

title / monsters at home
rating / nc-17
word-count / 22,000
pairing / harry/louis
summary / high school!AU. everyone’s eyes are on harry, the beautiful, charming new student. harry’s only got eyes for the school golden boy: football captain louis tomlinson, whose homophobic father complicates matters a bit. 
warnings / homophobia, verbal/psychological child abuse, outing, non-explicit violence, some rough sex, overstimulation
disclaimer / i own nothing
author’s note / title comes from conner youngblood’s “monsters.” a million trillion thanks to the ridiculously wonderful flimsy, best beta ever/general cheerleader/louis to my liam/etc etc. Also a billion thanks to galaxy-soup, who is always so lovely and helpful, as well as checkthemargins, randominity, aliferuined, and everyone else who let me babble to them about this fic!!! You are all so incredibly wonderful.

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#is anybody even awake right now omg#it's almost 5 AM#i had no idea this would take so long wow#whatever here it is omg i can't believe i'm finally posting this stupid horrible beast#my fic#otp: curly and boo bear#ahhhhhhhhhh!!
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