but can we talk about sex now

this is literally just a random collection of butt-grabbing, suggestive positions, and “whispering” (that doesn’t actually function as whispering bc harry and louis don’t seem to know what/where ears are) that will make you think of sex

i want nothing more than to be a fly on the wall tbh

go ahead and start running that cold shower (or just give in tbh)

let’s start with how much harry and louis like touching each other’s butts shall we

strap in kids

harry’s hands are so big it’s like they were made to hold louis’s butt okay this is actually just destiny at work

you guys are on stage you realize that right

keep your kinky antics to the bedroom pls but not actually don’t do that keep it public boys keep it public

harry calm down

pinching is good stumbling is good

harold what is WRONG with you

i’m making lots of animal noises right now hbu

harry’s into it louis’s into it /I’M/ into it everyone’s happy

and now let’s have some blowjob innuendoes those are fun right


he’s on his knees it front of harry oKAY it counts

now just turn his head around styles u know u want to

now handjob innuendos woo!!


"tommo the tease"

now let’s talk about whispering

that little hand on harry’s chest i s2g

aka the sexiest whisper mankind has ever witnessed

i have cried many a time over this moment and so have you ok don’t pretend you haven’t


bonus size-difference

bonus louis’s ass

bonus happy giggles 

bonus manhandling

he just grabs him by the neck wow /WOW/

so harry styles really likes to manhandle louis and this is just exhibit A

"wellington" will be written on my headstone tbh

louis is actually baring his neck like how are they even real

louis goes for the backwards hug i cANNOT

harry sometimes is a caveman idk

this one’s just cute tbh idk why this is even in here. size difference?? the closeness of their bodies?? harry gently handling louis??? 

harry you’re not actually tarzan stop doing that please never stop

if anyone were to write a lord of the rings AU harry would have to be gollum and louis would have to be the ring tbh and the whole fic would just be harry screaming ‘my precious’

jfc harry

wrist grabbing <3

okay let’s talk about marking now

bite that shoulder yeah okay

"did somebody kiss you there" FUCK OFF

don’t touch me

louis’s so pliant about it and it HURTS

"get your mouth open"


i call this next series of photos “imagine if they were naked”






almost there tbh


did i just ruin the cutest picture ever for you i hope i did

and now some kinky stuff bc u know louis and harry get freaky ok

this one scares me a little tbh harry looks like he’s prepared to ruin him

alright fine just go for it louis COOL

idk why this is here other than it’s just really foreboding??? like idk if i’m more afraid for that interviewer or louis tbh

oh nothing just some thigh slapping nbd




(he’s holding handcuffs btw omg dON’T LOOK AT ME)


"snap my braces again and i’ll snap you"

i didn’t take harry for a tit-slapper but okay yeah i’ll roll with it (and so will louis apparently?? how dare he grin all impish and cute like that HOW DARE HE)

it just adds up

and that’s it that’s the post i’m gonna go drown in all my fluids now bye

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#masterposts#otp: curly and boo bear#i can't even believe i made this omg#i'm just going to go crawl into some dark hidden perverted corner of the universe with a shameful hand down my pants now#bye everyone#it was nice knowing you
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